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Creating an IPSEC VPN Tunnel between Watchguard & Sonicwall devices

To create a tunnel between these two devices you will note each has varying settings but not all line up. You can try and mess about with settings and eventually it will work, so I decided to post what we use to setup the tunnels and help save that bit of time.

The key issue we run into is for Phase I, on the Watchguard you must disable NAT traversal and ENABLE IKE Keepalive. Otherwise you run into the non-matching IPSEC errors, even though all the encryption settings are correct. Once you have this set, the rest is up to having the standard encryption settings match on both... (Continued)

Changing Windows Server Evaluation copies to retail with DISM

If you have installed the Eval copy of Windows Server, you may decide once you get it configured that you want to push it into production. Unfortunately, you will shortly realize that its not as simple as adding your Volume License key. This is because Windows has editions/versions that it can be set to. Luckily we are provided with a way, if clunky, to change the editions.

Open a command prompt, and type the following. Substitute the X with your key.
In this example we are moving the Eval to Standard edition and activating.
You can first check your current edition, and t... (Continued)

Reverting back to default USERS container instead of SBSUSERS after migration off SBS (IsCriticalSystemObject)

After moving off SBS to a standard server model (Bless you!), you will note that all new users still go in that SBSUSERS OU, and you will want to get rid of that to clean up things and have your own OU structure.
You are in luck! There is a set of commands in Windows Server to set the OU to be used (In SYSTEM32)
You can run the commands:

redircmp CN=Computers,DC=domain,DC=com
redirusr CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com

Substitute your domain info for the second and third sections (domain.com). You can also choose to use your own OU if you like,such as... (Continued)

Dell MD3460 and LSI 12GB SAS storage drivers with VMWare 5.x

Noted issues:
Either base VMWare 5.5.x ISO or Dell Customized ESXi 5.5U2+ ISO on hosts with LSI 12GB SAS controllers exhibit the following issues:

1. Improper or missing LUN discoveries, reboot required for new LUN additions
2. Host purple screens during discovery or high I/O loads
3. Errors admitting hosts to the cluster with existing LUN connections to the SAS array
4. Lower performance than expected from array

All available ISO’s of ESXi 5.x utilize the incorrect driver for the 12... (Continued)